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■ Conference management system: update 2010

Last year I made a survey about free conference management system. At that time, I thought that OCS was the best choice.

I set up OCS for NIPS-SSC last year and tested it for a while. But I decided that I did not use it because nobody other than myself cannot handle it. Another, but related, reason is that it is too complicated - it is aimed for multiple conferences. My system should be simpler.

Now I searched the web again and found that most of the systems are now web-service based. It is reasonable. You do not have to take care of it.

But I still like a system that can be maintained on my web server - I can modify it just like my blog.

Aside from OCS, a new version of OpenConf (ver.3.5) can be one of the candidates. I found that OpenConf became more 'open' -- Previously, you have to send email to the author to get the code. But now it is downloadable from the web. You can find here some complains about the older version of OpenConf. Seems like it was an old-fashioned system. But maybe better than before. And it is simpler than OCS. I will test it.

Below is the summary of my survey this time. Largely overlapped with my previous entry.

* Developed using the PHP scripting language and MySQL database,
* available for installation on your server
* or as a managed hosting service from a state-of-the-art data center.
* provided as a service
* ask for conditions by email
* Used in ASSC13 and ASSC14
Continue 2.0
* a free Web application
* a new, AJAX-based architecture
* completely free of cost, including hosting and support
* a free conference management system
* All installations are hosted at the server www.easychair.org
* a Web-based event management system
* For smaller, non-commercial events we offer a free license on request.
Conference Online-Management System (COMS)
* No installation, you only need Internet access and a web browser
* Event with up to 100 participants	200 EUR
* Event with up to 400 participants	340 EUR
* as a web service
* NonFree?