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■ Neuron 2/2

"The Hippocampus Supports both the Recollection and the Familiarity Components of Recognition Memory" Larry R. Squire。ROC書いてYonelinasに反撃。このへんに関しては前にも書きました。
"A Motion-Dependent Distortion of Retinotopy in Area V4" John H. Reynolds。Previewは"A Flashing Line Can Warp Your Mind" Vincent P. Ferrera
"Object Selectivity of Local Field Potentials and Spikes in the Macaque Inferior Temporal Cortex" Tomaso Poggio and James J. DiCarlo
"Thalamic Burst Mode and Inattention in the Awake LGNd" Harvey A. Swadlow。って、"Awake LGNd"ってあり?