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■ 論文いろいろ

Neuron 6/2
Peter J. Bayley, Jeffrey J. Gold, Ramona O. Hopkins and Larry R. Squire, The Neuroanatomy of Remote Memory, Neuron, Volume 46, Issue 5, 2 June 2005, Pages 799-810. Wendy SuzukiがF1000で挙げてた。
John-Dylan Haynes, Jon Driver and Geraint Rees, Visibility Reflects Dynamic Changes of Effective Connectivity between V1 and Fusiform Cortex, Neuron, Volume 46, Issue 5, 2 June 2005, Pages 811-821.
Implicit Attentional Selection of Bound Visual Features
Nature 6/2
Oxytocin increases trust in humans
Human behaviour Brain trust
JNS 6/8
Neural Basis for a Powerful Static Motion Illusion -- Conway et al. 25 (23): 5651 -- Journal of Neuroscience 表紙にもなってます。
JNP 7月号
Statistical Issues in the Analysis of Neuronal Data
Neuron 5/19
Uncertainty, Neuromodulation, and Attention